When seven aliens crash land in the desert night, Stan discovers that they are being chased by a top-secret military force led by Mr. Cross and his Chinese technical assistant, Lily. Stan hides the distressed aliens in his Malibu beach house, but when the evil reptilian Taegons invade Planet Earth days later, Stan needs to act quick! He teaches the seven aliens how to become superheroes, and in a climactic battle, Stan and the Mighty 7 defeat the Taegon invaders.

Strong Arm

Power : Super strength

He is a Star Marshal Captain. Smart, serious with a sharp sense of humor, he is not thrilled about being stranded on Earth. He brooks little nonsense, especially from the five criminals he’s escorting. His father was a politician who was shot on the street. He spends all of his free time trying to solve the crime, and he’s tormented that he can’t work on finding his father’s murderer here on Planet Earth. He used to be best friends with Lazer Lord until a tragic accident.